In-School Field Trips

We bring the excitement and education of a science museum directly into the classroom!

  • In-school science workshops that move from classroom-to-classroom in 45-60 minute sessions

  • Hands-on science programs: tactile and kinesthetic learning

  • Over 80 themes complementing the Maryland Next Generation Science Standards

  • Book one grade at a time or the entire school for a discounted rate

  • Perfect for Elementary, Middle, High, Montessori and Pre K.

  • Is your classroom in the Baltimore City Public School System? The Science Guys of Baltimore are a BCPS Registered Vendor!

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Kindergarten Themes

  • K-PS1 Solids and Liquids

  • K-LS1 Five Senses with Scientific Method

  • K-ESS3 Worms/Decomposers

  • K-ETS1 Engineering Design Process

1st Grade Themes

  • 1-PS4 Properties of Light

  • 1-LS2 Plants, Soils and WORMS! 

  • 1-ESS1 Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • 1-ETS1 Scientific and Engineering Practices (formerly known as the Scientific Method)

2nd Grade Themes

  • 2-PS2 & PS3 Forces in Motion 

  • 2-PS4 Sound

  • 2 -ESS2.1 & 2.ESS2.2 Erosion

  • 2-LS1 & LS2 Owl Pellets

  • 2-ETS1 Simple Machines

  • 2-ETS1.4 Structures 1

3rd Grade Themes

  • 3-PS1 States of Matter

  • 3-PS2, PS3 Magnetism

  • 3-PS3 Electronic Circuits

  • 3-ESS2 Walloping Weather

  • 3-ETS1 Sinking Ships

4th Grade Themes

  • 4-PS3 F=MxA

  • 4-PS4 Lasers & Waves/Lights & Rainbows

  • 4-LS4 Fossils

  • 4-ESS1 Earth in Space

  • 4-ETS1 Structures 2

5th Grade Themes

  • 5-PS1 Lava Lamps: Miscibility

  • 5-LS3 DNA Extraction

  • 5-ESS1 Space: Planets, Moon, Sun, Earth

  • 5-ETS1 Aerodynamics

6th Grade Themes

  • 6-PS3  Electroplating

  • 6-PS3  Batteries and Wiring

  • 6-PS3 Kinetic and Potential Energy

  • 6-PS3 Thermal Energy

7th Grade Themes

  • 7.PS1.1,5 Periodic Table

  • 7.PS1. 1,2,3,4 Molecule Structures

8th Grade Themes

  • 8-PS2 Energy

  • 8-PS4.1 Making Waves

  • 8.PS2. 2,3,4: Motion and Stability

High School Themes

  • Dry ice

  • Electroplating

  • Periodic table

  • Explosions

  • Elephant toothpaste

  • Acids/bases: creating a rainbow

  • DNA

  • Science of Cotton candy

  • Molecules and Polymers

  • Chemical Reactions

  • GeoBlast: Geography and Human Populations

  • Anatomy

  • Matter

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