Birthday Parties



You supply the place. We supply the fun!

Our Science Party includes one hour of cool, hands-on science experiments provided by one of our fun and crazy "mad scientists." 

And don't worry about favors - we've got it covered in the form of take-home science experiments that keep the memory alive and reinforce that science is fun!


Themes include:


Fizz, Pop, Boom!

This party includes over a dozen experiments, such as bubbling potions, chemical reactions, and explosions! After the show, all of the kids will get to make slime or bouncy balls as a party favor (your choice)!


Lights, Lasers, and Electricity!

This party includes our hilarious voice-changing machine, laser show, and hair-raising electricity! At the end of the party, everyone will get to make a rubber bouncy ball. This show can also be done with a Star Wars theme: Darth Vader’s voice, lightsabers, and DIY bouncy planets!


Ultimate Slime!

This party includes 20 minutes of an interactive show all about molecules and polymers and 40 minutes of making tons of slime! We will each make individual slimes, then everyone will make one large vat of slime to decorate and mix together, then break off and take home in bags! This is an extra large amount of slime and gets wonderfully Slimy! Each birthday guest will also get to take home their own Science Goggles and Lab Coat for up to 25 kids!

Additions to your party:
Cotton candy machine! $50
Lab Coats and Goggles! $75 (up to 25 kids)

Do you have more questions? Send us a request for more information.