Our Background

Siena Trehy and Matt Simms, Co-owners, Science Guys of Baltimore

Siena Trehy and Matt Simms, Co-owners, Science Guys of Baltimore


First and foremost, the Science Guys is a family company!

Keith Trehy started Mr. Bond and the Science Guys in 1999 in Nashville, TN. He is trained as a Chemist, but at the time he was also new Dad. He wanted to be able to combine both of these worlds, creating the “Bond Family.” His name became K. Michael Bond (say that fast and you hear Chemical Bond - brilliant!), and he brought hands-on, interactive, and engaging science education into schools all over Tennessee.

Of course Keith’s kids, Siena and Fenn, were excited to work for the family business from an early age! They both trained as teachers assistants and camp counselors, until they became old enough to lead.

Siena left Tennessee to attend school in Baltimore at Goucher College. During her time at Goucher, she began doing science birthday parties and other small weekend events, creating her own smaller version of “The Science Guys.” During her senior year of college in 2017, she officially launched the “Science Guys of Baltimore” with a Science enthusiast, educator, performer and child at heart Matt Simms.

Now the Science Guys of Baltimore offer exciting and accessible children’s science programming year round, including summer camps, birthday parties, after-school clubs, in-school workshops & assemblies, and special event shows throughout the Maryland and DC area.