Meet our Scientists



Siena Trehy, aka Ionic Bond

Siena has been in the business of making science fun for kids FOREVER! Siena’s Dad started ‘Mr. Bond and the Science Guys’ in Nashville, TN when she was 4 years old, so she grew up in and around the world of experimentation and sharing the joy of learning with other kids. As an adult, Siena moved to Baltimore to study Environmental Studies and Anthropology at Goucher College. Her main focus was to learn how to share concepts of sustainability with others, something that she has certainly integrated into the Science Guys curriculum. Siena is also an avid fiber artist, making clothes and other stitch art. She is a Co-owner, Business Manager, and Teacher for the Science Guys of Baltimore.


Matt Simms, aka Hazmatt Bond

Matt Simms is the life of our science party! He was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO and went to college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, studying Classical Guitar. After college, he taught music lessons and ran a company called Music Together, teaching music to infants and toddlers. He went on to move to Nashville, where he met the Bond family. He mentored under Keith (the original Mr. Bond) for 5 years before moving to Baltimore, marrying Siena, and starting the Science Guys of Baltimore. He still enjoys playing and writing music, but he now primarily acts as Co-Owner, Developer, and Teacher/Showman for the Science Guys.


Travis Henningfield, aka Travity

Travis is Baltimore, born and raised! He attended the Friends school of Baltimore for High School, then moved to New York City to attend the Pratt Institute of Art. Travis loves all art, but really enjoys sculpture and found object art, as a way to make everyday objects useful and beautiful. He also worked as a Chef in NYC for 6 years, before moving back to Baltimore and finding his way into the Science Guys. He is our lead teacher for after-school clubs, camps, and birthday parties and has helped develop our Kitchen Chemistry and Science of Art clubs, among many others. Best of all, he’s got a big colorful mohawk, and we LOVE it!


Andrés Córdoba, aka Mr. Potassium

Andrés is a native of Costa Rica who was raised in Owings Mills, MD. He attended Goucher College in Towson, MD and graduated with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology in May of 2018. Currently, he has one year left in the master of education program at Goucher College where he is specializing in at-risk and diverse learners. Mr. Potassium loves science and is a huge advocate for science education accessibility. He has been with the Science Guys for 1 year now and is an awesome part of the team!


Abby Ricko, aka Absolute Zero

Abby is a Dundalk native and current Towson University student studying History and Geography! As a lover of people and places, she's great at connecting with kids and building long-lasting relationships. In addition to being an amazing teacher, she is also developing our Geoblast unit, which is all about geography, human population, biomes, and food webs! Outside of her work with the Science Guys, she's a proud dog mama to Dottie and loves primary colors. She has been with us for a year, and counting! Ask her about our incredible Dymaxion map, the size of your entire classroom floor!