Science Assembly Shows

Are you looking for fun, interactive and spectacular STEM shows for your grade or whole school? Our entertaining science demonstrations are great for kids of all ages and groups of up to 200 kids!

Our Science presentations are approximately 45-60 minutes long and we bring all the education and excitement of a science museum or science center directly to your school!

Available in Maryland, DC Area, Northern VA, and Beyond! Get in touch if you’re not sure if we come to your area! 

Science Show Themes include:

Fizz, Pop, Boom

This show is our recommended show for your entire school! Great for all ages, even PreK! If you have never seen us before, this is a great place to start.  

The show is all about exploring the states of matter and dry ice is the star of the show! We will explore bubbling potions, chemical reactions, and even explosions using the scientific process! Tons of fun for all ages.  

Science of Sport

Our physics show. We will explore the laws of motion using examples of everybody’s favorite sports.  Test your lung capacity. Learn about Bernoulli’s principle with flying beach balls. Complete in our vortex relay race. Be blown away by our Ping Pong Pulverizer! You don’t have to love sports to love this show! 

Hair Raising Electricity and Magnetism

The theme is electricity and includes our popular Van De Graaff Generator. Participants power a light bulb, cause each others hair to stand on end, shock each other, and our favorite...create explosions!

Light and Sound 

Explore how sound and light travel through the Universe.  Laugh out loud with our hilarious voice changer. Pop balloons using our powerful laser and 

Out of this World (Space Show)

We will send an astronaut into space and see how the vacuum of space affects the human body.  Learn about the rotation of the planets and why they stay in orbit. Learn about how astronauts get to space and the problems they have to face each day they are away from earth.

Walloping Weather

Elements from all of our shows to make one thunderous spectacle!  Learn about lighting with our Tesla coil; See how extreme weather patterns are created through heat and pressure; Make the world's smallest blizzard inside; Discover how rainbows are created after the storm and much more!

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